Working in SF: Jobs With Largest Pay Increases in 2016

Although our fair city has the worst streets in the US (see our blog for December 30th, 2016), we did claim another positive national record in that our median base pay rose higher than the rest of the country for 2016 by quite a bit. Ours climbed 3.7 percent while the US’s on average rose 2.7 percent. Data just released from the job site Glassdoor demonstrated that SF continues to draw in and pay for top talent—across the board of job opportunities.

Among the jobs with pay increases:

Cashier  6.2 percent increase
Labor Technician  6.4 percent
Web Designer  6.5 percent
Teacher  6.6 percent
Attorney  6.6 percent
Operations Manager  6.7 percent
Graphic Designer  6.8 percent
Pharmacy Tech  7.0 percent
Retail Key Holder  7.2 percent
Data Analyst  7.4 percent
Product Manager  8.1 percent
Media Producer  8.2 percent
Recruiter  8.5 percent
Warehouse Associate  9.0 percent
Customer Service Manager  9.2 percent
Construction Machine Operator  9.4 percent
Construction Laborer  11.3 percent

Interesting to see that the construction jobs saw the biggest increases in pay.

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