You Can Buy a Castle For Less Than a SF Apartment

What? Yes, that’s right, believe it or not. There are actual well appointed, enormously endowed with square footage, very old castles (some with watchtowers) in Europe that are cheaper to buy than an apartment in San Francisco.

This fun comparison just shows that an apartment in San Francisco is a pretty heady buy—even if it’s in a less than stellar neighborhood.

In the Midi-Pyrenees of France you can buy a French-style castle that sits on the foundations of a Roman outpost that has 7 sitting rooms, 9 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, fountains, English garden, and incredible views for $2,659,569.

castle-italyIn the Lower Haight you can buy for almost $2,995,900 a 3,438 square foot apartment unit that comes with copper plumbing and can be broken up into 5 private offices and 3 smaller apartments.

Down toward the lower side of purchasing power you can buy a castle in Marche, Italy that has a watchtower, giant pool and spectacular Tesino Valley views for $854,480.

Over in Bayview you can purchase a 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom apartment for $869,000. No views.

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